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MultiPro Commercial Roofing Contractor in Minnesota Provides Quality Commercial Roofing Services

The roof on your head is a blessing and an integral part of any building. If you need a commercial roofing contractor in Minnesota, we are here to assist you. We are happy to be the leading roofing contractor in Minnesota, committed to offer the best roofing services possible. Whether you require minor repairs, a complete replacement, or even an inspection, hire our all-in-all services. Why are you holding out? Contact our experts right away!

Services We Offer!

We provide the best and economical commercial roofing services in town. Our services include business gutter installation, siding installation, commercial roof inspection, repairs, and more. We offer a choice of extra alternatives for your commercial property.

Top-rated Commercial Roofing Installation Service in Minnesota

We’ll quickly install your new roof, whether your property is in the middle of the city or a suburban region. Just focus on your business and leave everything related to the roofs on us. Our experts will consult everything with you before giving an ideal solution that fits to your needs.

We’ll collaborate to set a budget and timeline while ensuring the best practices and standards. After work, the roof will look wonderful because we recognized as the most aesthetically pleasing roofing contractor in Rochester. Here are some commercial roofing services we offers.


TPO system is the most popular in commercial roofing. It is known as polyvinyl chloride and thermoplastic polyolefin to withstand harsh circumstances. Additionally, it shields against the negative effects of UV light, toxins, fats, lubricants, fungal growth, and any other slowly destructive effects. They provide the best experience and are quite lightweight. Because of its low weight, it’s incredibly easy to install. Its white membrane delivers lower cooling costs and energy savings during the sweltering heat.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is more resilient if you want your commercial property to last longer. After choosing it, you don’t need to replace the roof again for roughly 40 years. We offer metal roofing systems made of aluminium, stainless steel and copper. They are also available in a wide variety of colors according to your taste. It’s ideal for rainy and snowy areas.


Reinforced rubber sheets with excellent mechanical quality and weather resistance make a long-lasting synthetic rubber roofing membrane known as EPDM. Our crew has three methods for installing this kind of roofing: fully attached, mechanically fastened, or ballasted. Typically, liquid adhesives or specialty tape are used to seal the seams of the roofing system.

Foam & Coating

As this quick-install roofing system is placed on your roof, it will adhere and grow. The UV coating barrier needs to be renewed on average every five years through maintenance.

MultiPro Roofing is proud to offer 5-year workmanship warranties, lifetime manufacturer warranties, and additional warranties on workmanship. When it comes to customer service and quality workmanship, we always stand by our products.

Best Commercial Roof Maintenance Services in Minnesota For Everyone

Maintenance is the best thing you can do for your roofs. Maintaining not only increases your roof’s life span by 20-50% but also protects it against harsh weather conditions. Maintenance is always easy and reduces repair costs. We’ll be there to help you get your roof back in excellent condition, and we’ll do it as quickly and effectively as possible, whether you need a detailed inspection or patch up a leak. Additionally, you can feel secure knowing that your project is handled by experts because we are registered and fully licensed.

Commercial Roof Repair Services In Minnesota

We provide emergency roof repairs 24/7. We work hard to identify roof problems as soon as possible and are dedicated to keeping your roof in top shape. Our team of experts assesses the damage and conducts all the repairs quickly and affordably so you won’t have to worry. We are just one phone call away from you. Just call us, and regardless of the time, we will be there at your service to conduct any roof repairs your roof need. 

Commercial Roof Replacement in Minnesota

Our professionals evaluate your roofing requirements, remove any damaged roof coverings, and install a new roof. The roof will be energy-efficient and compatible with the structural components of your building. Our experts will determine whether your roof has any life left or if it should be replaced with a new one. Our staff can extend the longevity of your roof even if it is in the second or third of its life.

Why choose us?

Who doesn’t want a team of experts for commercial roofing services? With our expertise and years of experience providing commercial roofing services, we can assure you of our satisfaction. A professional is the best person to decide whether to repair or replace your roof. We promise to provide the highest level of customer service and to be a reliable contractor